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(Feb 15th, 2018)
Explore a vision for future mobility with fun to drive Toyotas on display at the Canadian International Auto show in Toronto (Read Article)
(Feb  06th, 2018) - Toyota to Unveil New 2019 TRD Pro 4x4s in Chicago (Read Article)
(Feb  04th, 2018) -
Toyota Sells 1.52 Million Electrified Vehicles In 2017, Three Years Ahead Of 2020 Target (Read Article)
(Jan  25th, 2018) - New Toyota Off-Road Rigs Ready to Rock the Windy City (Read Article)
(May 31st, 2017) -
TRD Performance Handling Suspension Now Available On 2017 4 Runner (Read Article)
(May 16th, 2017) -
Prius Prime Goes On Sale June 1st At A Price That's Sure To Please (Read Article)
(May 12th, 2017) - Toyota Contributes To Flood Relief Effort (Read Article)

(April 20th, 2017) -
Keep Your Drive Greener With Toyota (Read Article)
(April 12th, 2017) -
Toyota Launches Rental Service For Welwalk WW-1000 (Read Article)
(April 12th, 2017) -
From Desktop To Trailhead: Toyota FT-4X Concept Is A Modern Toolbox (Read Article)
(April 12th, 2017) -
Toyota Prius Prime Wins 2017 World Green Car Award (Read Article)
(April 6th, 2017) -
Toyota Brings Style & Performance With The All New C-HR (Read Article)

(March 28th, 2017) -
Canada's Green Utility Vehicle of The Year (Read Article)
(March 27th, 2017) - Toyota Injects Style & Technology Into 2017 86 Special Edition (Read Article)
(March 24th, 2017) - Toyota Brings Swagger & Sportiness To New York International Auto Show (Read Article)
(March 15th, 2017) - The Toyota 2017 Prius C: Designed For Modern Life (Read Article)

(March 9th, 2017) -
The All New C-HR: Style, Performance &Surprising Value (Read Article)
(March 6th, 2017) -
kartSTART Presented By Toyota Returns To The Track For 2017 (Read Article)
(March 3rd, 2017) - First Autonomous Test Vehicle Developed Entirely By Toyota Research Institute (Read Article)

(February 26th, 2017) -
2017 Tundra & Tacoma Tonneau Covers Available Now (Read Article)
(February 16th, 2017) -
Toyota Again Named World's Most Admired Motor Vehicle (Read Article)
(February 16th, 2017) - Toyota Wins Canadian Black Book Retained Value Award (Read Article)
(February 14th, 2017) -
Hybrid Sales Surpass 10 Million (Read Article)
(February 14th, 2017) -
The Highly Anticipated 2018 Toyota Camry & Toyota Camry Hybrid (Read Article)
(February 9th, 2017) -
Toyota Introduces 2018 Tundra & Sequoia Sport TRD Style (Read Article)
(February 9th, 2017) - 2017 Corolla Long Range Remote Starter (Read Article)
(February 1st, 2017) -
2017 Yaris Sedan: Small Is Outstanding (Read Article)

(January 24th, 2017) -
2017 Highlander & Highlander Hybrid Towing Hitch (Read Article)
(January 23rd, 2017) -
Toyota Voted As The Most Trusted Hybrid Brand (Read Artcicle)
(January 23rd, 2017) - 2017 Highlander & Highlander Hybrid Body Side Mouldings (Read Article)
(January 20th, 2017) -
Toyota Production Surges Again In 2016 (Read Article)
(January 20th, 2017) -
2017 Mirai: The Future of Automobiles Is Now (Read Article)
(January 19th, 2017) - Toyota Gives Driver's A Glimpse of The Future (Read Article)
(January 13th, 2017) - Highlander & Highlander Hybrid All Season Floor Mats Available (Read Article)
(January 13th, 2017) -
Highlander & Highlander Hybrid Long Rate Remote Starter (Read Article)

(January 9th, 2017) - 2018 Camry: Emotionally Charged (Read Article)
(January 6th, 2017) - 4Runner & 4Runner Pro Accessory Launch (Read Article)
(January 5th, 2017) - Hybrid Sales Go Way Up (Read Article)
(January 5th, 2017) -
Prepare To Stare At The 2018 Toyota Camry (Read Article)

(January 4th, 2017) - Record Breaking Hybrid Sales (Read Article)
(January 4th, 2017) - Concept-i Makes The Future of Mobility (Read Article)

(December 23rd, 2016) - Toyota Highlander Road Trip Ready (Read Article)
(December 14th, 2016) -
Toyota Gazoo Eager To Get Started (Read Article)

(November 28th, 2016) -
15% Auto Insurance Discount (Read Article)

(November 23rd, 2016) - Make A Statement: The 2017 Toyota Sequoia (Read Article)
(November 21st, 2016) - Your New Best Friend: The 2017 Toyota Tacoma (Read Article)
(November 18th, 2016) - Think Big About Small: The 2017 Toyota Yaris
(Read Article)
(November 15, 2016) - Get Even More With The Rav4 (Read Article)
(November 11th, 2016) - Experience Adventure (Read Article)
(November 3rd, 2016) - Positively Stunning: The All New 2018 C-HR (Read Article)

(October 24th, 2016) - Weekends Are Epic: 2017 Tundra TRD (Read Article)
(October 20th, 2016) - Tacoma Goes Where Others Fear To Tread (Read Article)
(October 19th, 2016) - Advanced Safety For Everyone (Read Article)
(October 20th, 2016) - 4Runner TRD Pro Now Offered In Canada (Read Article)
(October 5th, 2016) - A Van For All Seasons & All Reasons: The 2017 Sienna (Read Article)
(October 4th, 2016) - Meet The 2017 Prius Prime (Read Article)
(October 4th, 2016) - Reignite Your Passion For Driving: The 2017 Toyota 86 (Read Article)

(August 18th, 2016) - Reasons To Love Your 2016 Camry (Read Article)

(July 26th, 2016) -
The All New 2017 Prius Gets A "V For Versatility" (Read Article)