Toyota Entune 3.0


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How do I register?

For vehicles equipped with Safety Connect and/or Destination Assist, push the SOS button and an agent will complete enrollment.

Safety Connect

What is Safety Connect?

Safety Connect helps after an emergency. Drivers can be connected to our 24/7 response center at the touch of a button. In case of an accident, Safety Connect is like an added safety net. This service helps provide quick response and care from emergency service providers.

What are the trial terms?

Toyota vehicles that offer Safety Connect will equipped with a 3-year trial.

What do I do if my vehicle is stolen?

First, you'll need to file a stolen vehicle report with the police, who will provide you with a police case number. Then call the 24/7 response center at 1-888-949-4331. With your active Safety Connect subscription and the police case number, we'll initiate tracking of your vehicle and report the location to the police.

If my Navigation System malfunctions, is my Safety Connect service compromised?

The Navigation System and Safety Connect product are separate hardware systems. If you are experiencing problems with your Navigation System, the Toyota Entune services that utilize the navigation such as Destination Assist may not work, but Safety Connect services will not be affected. If you are experiencing issues with your Navigation System, your Toyota dealer can help diagnose the problem.

Can I request destination services by pushing the SOS button?

No. SOS is a priority line for emergency situations only. If you ask for Destination Assist, you will be kindly told how to request destination services.

What is Toyota Entune Safety Connect "Enhanced" Roadside Assistance?

Safety Connect offers Enhanced Roadside Assistance, which provides your vehicle's GPS coordinates directly to your Safety Connect response center agent and to Roadside Assistance.

What does the green light near my SOS button mean?

The green indicator shows that the telematics system is active. All new vehicles purchased should have a green light before you leave the dealership. When you are connected with a response center agent, the green light will flash on and off. Press and hold the SOS button to cancel the call, or stay on the line for the operator to respond.

What happens if the SOS button is accidentally pressed?

The Safety Connect operator will answer the call. If there is no verbal response from the vehicle's occupants, the operator will dispatch emergency personnel to the vehicle location. In the event the button is accidentally pressed and the vehicle's occupants are safe and able to respond, they can push the button again to cancel or have the operator end the call, and no emergency personnel will be dispatched.

If Safety Connect can track my vehicle, how will you protect my privacy?

The protection of our customer's information and privacy is paramount to Toyota. A Safety Connect vehicle can be located with GPS if there is an airbag deployment (the vehicle is not continuously tracked in these instances, only located to direct emergency responders). To activate stolen vehicle tracking through Safety Connect, the Safety Connect response center must have a police report on file to ensure there is an actual theft involved. The Stolen Vehicle Location feature is designed to locate a vehicle, not an individual. For more information, please visit

If my vehicle is in a bad cell area, will the Safety Connect system work?

Safety Connect works on one of North America's largest cellular providers that also has roaming agreements with other carriers. In addition, Safety Connect's external antenna and retry (redial) process may connect when your cell phone will not. If there is no cellular coverage, Safety Connect will not work.

Who contacts me if my stolen vehicle is recovered?

It may be the police, response center, or the public safety answering point that will call you back at the number given to them if the vehicle is recovered.

What can emergency services help me with?

This could include situations needing fire, police, or paramedics, such as medical injuries, medical emergencies, accidents where ACN is not triggered, or seeing other people in emergency situations.

My Safety Connect indicator lights flash red whenever I turn my vehicle on. Is something wrong with Safety Connect?

No. When the ignition is turned on, the red indicator light will flash for 2 seconds, and the green light will then turn on if the service is active.


App Suite Connect

What apps are included in App Suite Connect?

• Slacker
• Yelp
• NPR One
• Fuel
• Sports
• Stocks
• Traffic Incidents (Entune 3.0 Audio, Entune 3.0 Audio Plus)
• Weather (Entune 3.0 Audio, Entune 3.0 Audio Plus)

How does the app connect with the vehicle?

The app will pair with the vehicle via bluetooth

Which multimedia display is App Suite Connect available for?

App Suite Connect will be available for all multimedia displays combinations for vehicles equipped with Toyota Entune 3.0.

What does the mobile app for App Suite Connect do?

The mobile app, when paired to the vehicle via Bluetooth, passes application data (Yelp, NPR One, etc.) to your vehicle's multimedia system.

Will App Suite Connect use my phone's data plan?

Yes, all apps in App Suite Connect will use your phone's data plan

Which apps require logins?

Individual logins are required for
• NPR One
• Slacker


Destination Assist

How long is the Destination Assist trial?

Vehicles equipped with Entune 3.0 Premium Audio come with a 6 month trial.


Scout GPS Link

What is Scout GPS Link?

Scout GPS Link allows you to display Scout GPS's phone navigation on a multimedia displays that does not feature embedded navigation.

What models is Scout GPS Link compatible with?

Scout GPS Link is compatible on vehicles equipped with an Entune 3.0 Audio or Entune 3.0 Audio Plus multimedia displays. Scout GPS Link as a navigation option will not be available on Entune 3.0 Premium Audio.

Can I listen to music or answer a phone call while getting navigation? Will my music or phone call audio soften while getting navigation?

Yes, you can still listen to music or answer a call while getting navigation. Music audio and phone call audio will not soften while getting navigation. The volume of guidance can be changed separately.

Will Scout GPS Link automatically re-calculate my route if I am on a call and drive off course?

Navigation will continue while you are on a call. Whether it will re-calculate a route and update directions should you fail to follow the route set out initially will depend on the phone carrier. Please check with your cell phone provider.

How do I search for a destination while driving?

While driving, use the push-to-talk button on your steering wheel. Say, "Search for ___," to find your destination. Then select a destination and say, "Go there," to begin navigation..

When is navigation via turn-by-turn directions?

You will receive turn-by-turn directions if you are connected to the head unit via only Bluetooth (no USB connection), or if you have an iOS phone which is not in enhanced mode and Scout isn't in the foreground.

What types of cell phones are compatible with Scout GPS Link?

All iOS 8 and onwards and Android 4.4 and onwards phones are compatible with Scout GPS Link. As Apple and Google evolve the iOS and Android operating systems, Scout GPS Link will also evolve, adding support for the latest phones, and discontinuing support for obsolete models. Features, functionality and performance may vary by phone, operating system and carrier. If you're unsure whether your phone model or operating system meets the minimum requirements, please contact 1-888-869-6828 for further assistance.

What data plan does Scout GPS Link use?

Scout GPS Link uses your phone's data plan. What happens if I get a call while navigating? The multimedia display will switch to the phone screen. Other aspects depend on phone carrier.

Can I turn off data tracking?

Yes. You can switch data tracking on or off in the options menu.

Can I use Scout GPS if I have embedded navigation?

The Scout GPS Link app will not be available on an embedded navigation multimedia display.

What features are available for hands-free usage of Scout GPS Link?

You can use the push-to-talk button to utilize most features of Scout GPS Link. You can use Push-to-Talk to launch the Scout GPS Link app, search for a POI or an address, list recent or favorite destinations, go home or to work, cancel a route, start a navigation, call a POI, and add a POI to favorites.

Can I use my Scout GPS Link app in multiple vehicles?

Scout GPS Link can be used in multiple Toyota vehicles if the vehicle is a 2018 model year vehicle, or later, and includes the compatible multimedia display. To check compatability, call the 1-888-869-6828.

Is Scout GPS Link a part of App Suite Connect?

Yes, Scout GPS Link is a part of App Suite Connect.

For Entune 3.0, which regions support Scout GPS Link?

Scout GPS Link works in Canada

Does my phone need to be connected via Bluetooth if it's already connected via USB?

Yes, your phone must be connected via Bluetooth to use the Scout GPS Link with a compatible vehicle.

Can multiple phones be connected at the same time?

No, only one phone can be connected at a time.

Does the Scout GPS Link application have to be launched on the smartphone to work on the vehicle's multimedia display screen?

Yes, the Scout GPS Link application needs to be launched on the smartphone to work on the multimedia display screen.

Is a USB connection required to use Scout GPS Link?

A USB connection is not required to use Scout GPS Link, although both Bluetooth and USB connections are required to get full-moving maps. Connecting via USB can also be utilized to charge your phone while Scout GPS Link is in use. If you are connected via Bluetooth without a USB connection, then you will receive turn-by-turn directions instead of full-moving maps.

Who is the supplier for Scout GPS Link?

Scout GPS Link is developed and owned by Telenav. This is not a Lexus or Toyota branded product.

What happens if I lose cellular reception during my route?

If you lose cellular reception during your route, the application will continue to give you guidance as long as you stay on the current route. If you deviate from your current route, the Scout GPS Link application will attempt to get updated guidance. If no cellular reception exists, the Scout GPS Link will be unable to retrieve the updated guidance.