Tundra Highway Thru Hell

   Immerse yourself in the virtual action with Jamie Davis as he puts
his team and his Tundras to the test during an exercise that proves
just how dangerous the job can be without the proper training.

Watch the Interactive Video Below

Join Jamie Davis and Ken Monkhouse
as they return to the scene of an accident
to reveal how Toyota Tundras have
helped save lives on the job.

After a massive storm, the Toyota
Tundra literally has the power to save
the day and lets Jamie Davis sleep easy

See how the Toyota Tundra is the
right tool for the job when Jamie Davis
and his family need to clean up after a powerful storm.

See how the Toyota Tundra's power and
size makes all the difference in a
difficult back-road recovery.

Climb into a Toyota Tundra with
Jamie Davis and find out why this
versatile pickup is a key player in one
of the biggest recoveries of the season.

From hook-up to hauling, see how
Jamie Davis relies on the powerful
Toyota Tundra to transport a big,
heavy piece of recovery equipment.




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